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Who We Are

Founded by Jim Kohler, Kohler Building Specialties, Inc. has over 30 years Experience as a Manufacturer's Representative and Distributor. Zach Kohler joined KBS back in 2011, and together help connect the designer, contractor, and manufacturing worlds.

What We Do

Kohler Building Specialties, Inc. (KBS) has been guiding owners and architects to the right materials and systems to make their designs a reality.  Through customer service and logistical detail, we facilitate a successful solution. We represent a diverse range of manufacturers that specialize in a variety of materials.  From Wood, Metal, GFRG and Fabric Wrapped Wall Panels to Felt all designed to provide acoustical  performance while also creating aesthetically pleasing environments.


Jim Kohler

Zach Kohler



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CertainTeed Architectural offers a world of creative high-performance solutions that can help transform a space into an environment that is sculptural and stunning. Our portfolio of innovative specialty products and solutions includes aesthetically dynamic metal, colorful fiberglass clouds and baffles, eco-friendly acoustical felt, translucent back-lit panels, natural wood, and the unexpected visual texture of perforated acoustical gypsum.


9Wood is the only company in the U.S. that exclusively fabricates custom wood ceilings. From design to delivery, we help make your space look beautiful.


Gordon-Inc. is a leader in the specialty ceilings and walls.  They manufacture custom metal walls and ceilings along with metal column covers for both interior and exterior applications.  Gordon also produces drywall reveal, floating perimeter trims and curtain pockets.  

 Metal : Miami-Dade : Columns : Mullion Mate : ALPRO

Wood Ceilings & Walls



A world leader in molded gypsum, concrete and composite based architectural products. Backed by years of experience, Formglas cast gypsum and cement-based products are the very best available.


The superior-quality, no-hassle solution to your acoustical wood fiber panel needs. With over 40 years of experience in the cementitious wood fiber industry, we know which products and installations provide the best solution.

Acoustical Ceiling & Wall Panels

Sound Concepts is a manufacturer of quality, high-performance acoustical panels, ceiling clouds and baffles using state-of-the art materials and engineering techniques. 

Fabric Wrapped : Clouds : Baffles

G&S Acoustics® is a leading manufacturer of acoustical, tackable and sound diffusing wall and ceiling products.  We now offer recycled polyester ceiling and wall panels, baffles and even dividers.

Felt : Fabric Wrapped Panels : Baffles : Clouds


Exterior Wood : Sun Shade : Cladding : Decking

Woodn is a composite material, consisting of a wood and PVC-based polymer alloy. The wood used for all our projects comes from FSC certificated supply, which identifies responsibly sourced wood from ethically managed forests. WOODN adheres to strict environmental, social and economic standards for products of beech and spruce wood.


Acoustical Wood

RealAcoustix is dedicated to producing the best tools in the acoustics industry for controlling sound.




Jim Kohler

Zach Kohler

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Certainteed Architectural | Tavola Metal Beam Ceiling System || New Orleans Airport North Terminal

Office :: (985) 845 0662

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